In a way, medical alert pendants are like that trusty friend or relative you can call on for help when you’re in a sticky situation. These tiny, pocket-sized devices come equipped with a push-able button that signals an alert so the ambulance can rush over. Not sure when or how a medical alert pendant could help your family? We think you’d be surprised by these different scenarios. Keep reading for more.

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Living Alone

According to the Wall Street Journal, 35.7 million Americans are living alone, a number higher than ever before. Yes, living alone poses many upsides-like covering the walls with nothing but your favorite artwork or no longer having to worry about roommates digging through your precious leftovers; however, there are still a few downsides. One example is if you become injured or experience some sort of emergency. Living alone reduces the chances of having someone there who could help or drive you somewhere to seek treatment. With a medical alert pendant you can rest easy knowing that one press of a button will immediately send help your way.

Walking At Night

Remember when you were a little kid and used to be afraid of the dark? Maybe you worried the boogie-man would come crawling out from under your bed, but then you got a nightlight and suddenly everything was better. Turns out, there’s an unconventional way you can give yourself similar relief in the dark as an adult. That’s with a medical alert pendant.

You can wear the pendant around your neck or wrist for easy access, so if danger arises you can quickly send an alert for help.

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Visually Impaired

If you or a loved one has a visual impairment, you likely understand the daily challenges that come from living with the disability. Moving around with others both in and outdoors makes it easy to experience an accident. Having a medical alert pendant on hand gives you protection if an emergency were to happen. Another upside to medical pendants is you can wear them close to the body, so they’re easy to access and don’t require digging through a bag to find.


It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to have their doctor’s phone number close to them at all times throughout their pregnancy. This is useful for many reasons, like if you’re suddenly experiencing an odd craving or discomfort in your back. In more serious cases, you might experience an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. This is when it helps to have a medical alert pendant within arm’s reach. Your medical alert pendant will ensure you receive help as soon as you send a notification.

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Out in Heat

It’s fun spending time outdoors. Hiking, swimming, biking or just lounging on the grass with a good book are all enjoyable activities. However, one major downside to being outside is defending yourself against the sun.

Being out in extremely high temperatures can have a dangerous impact on our bodies, causing dehydration, respiratory issues or even a heat stroke. While it’s always wise to bring water, wear sunglasses and coat your skin with sunscreen before heading out into the heat, it’s an even better idea to bring a medical alert pendant, too.

Your medical alert pendant can best keep you protected if you use it as soon as you start feeling symptoms that something might not be right. This includes dizziness, a throbbing headache, muscle weakness or cramping. For a complete list of symptoms, look here.

Stay Protected Around The Clock with a Medical Alert Pendant

Keep yourself connected to reliable protection wherever you may be. Arm yourself with a medical alert pendant that you can wear close to the body. Protect America’s medical alert pendants are portable enough to not be obtrusive and have a sizable button that’s easy to access. Their water-resistant build means they can go anywhere and withstand just about anything. With a strong RF signal, help will always be able to find you. Speak to a security expert today to discuss how you can stay fully protected with a medical alert pendant.

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