With all of the different self-monitored home security systems available on the market, many homeowners might wonder if professional monitoring is worth the investment. Here are a few reasons professionally monitored home security is better equipped to keep your family safe.

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Monitor During Power Outages

Storms, natural disasters and other emergencies can bring lengthy power outages. One of the great benefits of professionally monitored security systems is their ability to continue providing surveillance through phone lines or cellular networks. This allows your home and family to stay protected even during the most undesirable situations.

Quickly Scare Off Intruders

No one likes to spend their time thinking about it, but break-ins happen quite frequently. In fact, burglaries occur every 23 seconds, a disturbingly high number that’s nothing to shrug at.

Yes, swinging by your local electronics store for a security camera might seem like a great way to quickly and closely monitor the room of your choosing. However, most of these store-bought devices lack critical components that can quickly scare off intruders, such as a loud siren.

A loud siren can not only scare off intruders but will also notify neighbors that something is not right in the area. This might encourage your neighbors to call the police or even stop by your house to see what could be going wrong.

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Alert the Right People

Another way professionally monitored home security keeps your home and family safe is by immediately notifying the people who can most help you. An alert sent from an alarm panel will let your security company know it’s time to notify the police so officers can head to your address.

Similarly, when a smoke detector sounds, firefighters will arrive to help and scope the scene. This saves you time and leaves you with one less thing to worry about–especially if you noticed a break-in or a fire starting in your home long after it started.

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Let You Enjoy Your Vacations

A self-monitored home security system might sound great in theory, but what about when you’re away from your phone? Like when you’ve got a day full of meetings or when you’re too busy running errands around town to check in back home. Or maybe you’re traveling across the globe to an island with a weak WiFi signal.

Professionally monitored systems operate around the clock to detect suspicious activity or respond to notifications. This lets you focus on relaxing and enjoying your time away from home.

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