Adjusting to the brutal changes winter brings is never easy. For one thing, you have to start wearing layers, perhaps even earmuffs. And then there are the unforgiving arctic breezes that slap against your face each time you step outside. Thankfully, there are smart home devices that can keep your house toasty and safe. Keep reading to learn more about the best smart home devices for battling cold weather. smart thermostat ontop of blue background

Smart Thermostat

Some families are drawn to smart thermostats because they can cut back costs on utility bills; others like that they can control the device from anywhere using their smartphone. But what makes a smart thermostat a must-have during the chilly season may actually seem rather obvious: it can keep your home warm. More specifically, it can recognize when the weather is growing colder outside and can respond by auto-adjusting. This means you’ll return to a comfortable home after spending the day out in the cold.

A smart thermostat, like’s smart thermostat, is one of the best smart home devices for staying comfortable in cold weather because it uses geo-technology to understand your schedule. So when you wake up in the morning, it won’t be so daunting having to leave your warm bed because your thermostat has kept the temperature to your preferred setting.

Trident Disaster Sensor placed next to puddle of water

Trident Disaster Sensor

If you thought you were the only one bothered by cold weather, you’re wrong. Just think about the pipes in your house. Freezing temperatures put them at risk of bursting, leaking and bringing extensive damage across your home. But fear not, technology has brought us nifty gadgets that protect even the most hidden pipes in our home.
Take the Trident Disaster Sensor, for example. This is a temperature and flood detection device that can alert homeowners of extreme heat or cold. All you need to do is place the sensor next to the pipes you want to protect and, voila, you have access to important alerts.

Hey Alexa, How Many Layers Do I Need Today?

The next time you want weather alerts, just speak up. A smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo Dot, has skills that can analyze and share your requested city’s seven-day forecast. This is a quick way to keep you up-to-date on the number of layers you need to throw on that day.

For more detailed weather analysis, you can enable the Big Sky skill on your Amazon Echo Dot. Each time you say “Hey Alexa, open Big Sky”, you can expect to hear extensive details on weather pattern changes in your city. This includes the exact time for a shift in the weather pattern, making it easy to determine when you want to avoid being outdoors.

Find the Best Smart Home Devices at Protect America

No matter how much wishing away you do, winter will eventually come.

Make the chilly season easier to bear by finding the best smart home devices for your home with Protect America.  Our line of award-winning home security equipment is designed to provide families with immediate alerts when suspicious activity is happening in their home. Homeowners wanting to stay connected to their house from anywhere can browse our selection of smart home security products, including the smart thermostat and IQ2 panel. Speak to one of our security experts today to learn more about how we can help you secure your home.

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